January 10, 2017

Michelle + Miles | University of South Florida Engagement Shoot

Michelle and Miles met each other while both attending USF so naturally it was the perfect place for an engagement shoot. One of our favorite memories was when we were asking them about their relationship and they said that they’ve known for a long time that the other was “the one,” but they were not in a rush to tie the knot and supported each other through graduate degrees before deciding to go for it. We loved this and think it remonstrates the type of love they have –  deep, peaceful, supportive and secure. You couldn’t meet two more friendly or kind people and we are just beyond honored that we get to document their love.

Here are a few pics from around USF…

1michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 I spy. 2michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 4michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 Triangles. 6michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 9michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 8michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 Tree huggers. 16michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 15michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 Michelle + Miles 20michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 14michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 13michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 29michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 26michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 24michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 23michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 19michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 17michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918 27michelle_miles_university_of_south_florida_engagement_jay_henington_photography_20160918






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