August 17, 2016

Erin + Kyle | Connecticut Wedding

Erin and Kyle were married at The Crocker House in New London, CT in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony. We had so much fun shooting with them because they were both just fun-loving people. Erin said her favorite memory from the wedding was the time spent with Kyle before the wedding (after the first look!) when we were taking photos around the Thames Club. Kyle’s favorite memory was their first dance. I asked Erin to describe Kyle in five words, her reply: “a pain in the ass.” It’s that sassy wit that made us fall in love with these two! Kyle was a tad more diplomatic with his answer: “what I’ve been waiting for.” Awwwwww. We had so much fun shooting this wedding and wish we could have spent so much more time with these two truly awesome people.

Here are the photos:

20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-2 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-3 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-4
20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-5 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-7 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-8 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-9 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-10 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-11 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography_a20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-12 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-13 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-14 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-15 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-16 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-18 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-20 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-19 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-22 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-21 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-23 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-24 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-25 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography_bSometimes black & white emphasizes a brides elegance so beautifu 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-28 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-27 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-29 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-30 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-31 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-32 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-3320160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-34
20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-35 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-36 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-37 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-38 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-3920160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-40 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-41
Just shadows and light. 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-45 Another from Saturday's wedding with Erin + Kyle. Erin + Kyle20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography_c 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-48 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-47

20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-51 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-50 20160604-Erin_Kyle_Connecticut_Wedding_Henington_Photography-49


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