Canon EOS R Review
November 8, 2018

Canon EOS R Review // First Impressions

Andrea Paradowski 16:38 January 10, 2019 Reply
As a fellow wedding photographer, I'm looking at switching from the Mark III to this camera. Would you shoot an entire wedding with it? Any areas you think it may lack in terms of capturing the day? PS I"m out of Wisco! (
Jay Henington 18:21 January 15, 2019 Reply
Hey Andrea, I've shot weddings with it and love it! The only drawback is a lack of two card slots. But I typically shoot two cameras on a day, so I'm not terribly worried about it. Give it a try and see what you think! Jay
    Kurt 01:22 March 26, 2019 Reply
    You can use a wireless portable hard drive like the WD my passport ssd to download your cards at a wedding as you shoot to offset the single slot
      Jay Henington 18:26 April 12, 2019 Reply
      Good idea. I'm always afraid of pulling out an SD card as that's all I've ever had fail. I would totally do it if I could connect it with USB-C. Know of any drives that do that?
Bill Thomas 21:07 January 26, 2019 Reply
I've recently jumped on this camera and so far love it. Dance floor low light and it just rocks 12800 ISO images are VERY usable! Not having dual card slots while annoying, it wasn't a deal breaker. My back up currently is a 5D Mkiii and soon to be replaced with the Mark iv. The EOS R will be my main goto camera at this point. I purchased the body only as I don't want to jump into the RF lens line just yet. So with the EF adapter the EF lens's work like a champ. I am still in shock on how fast EOS R snaps into focus. I still find myself holding the button half way to lock focus and DUH, its already to go. and back button focus, well its not needed. One thing I have noticed is that third party batteries don't display how much life is left, you just see it as an empty battery unless you're using Canon branded batteries. I don't like that feature at all! Please let me buy higher milliamp batteries for half the cost of Canon branded 1600 milliamp batteries. In reality, my only two complaints are no dual card slots and the inability to use off branded batteries.
    Jay Henington 16:37 March 19, 2019 Reply
    I agree. High ISO is crazy on this camera. I've not had that problem with off branded batteries. Which brand do you use?
Tom Clarke 09:46 March 12, 2019 Reply
Hey Jay! Great review. I'm on the fence at the min with the R or getting another 5D IV second hand. I've been using the Sony A7iii but something about the camera is just not "clicking"... haha. My wife & I shoot weddings and she'll never leave Canon. How have you managed with the one slot? Do you back up regularly or do you use the wireless transfer of the images? If you back up, what's your set up for a wedding day? You know yourself how hectic a wedding can be! I'm almost 60/40 towards the R. I firmly believe it's Canon's future - They wouldn't invest so much R&D into a new mount to not want a return on it! Hope you can answer some of my questions! Lovely work, fair play! -Tom
    Jay Henington 16:35 March 19, 2019 Reply
    Thanks Tom! I love the EOS R. The one slot is a frustration but not a dealbreaker. I shoot two cameras though, so in the worst case scenario, I'll have those photos. I'm really looking forward to two slots in the next version of the camera. (Probably coming in fall 2019).
Gregor Znidarsic 10:53 March 24, 2019 Reply
Hei Jay! First of all, great review and so lovely shots from the museum in Chicago, great work. You really answered on my questions, but there is something that I wonder, and askinkg you. I have on test a new nikon Z7 and what really bothers me is that camera really takes a time to switch from sleep mode to an action by pressing the shutter button, it takes about second, that may could be a realy long time if you waiting or predicting the moment, its not welcome, sometimes you have to press the shutter button constantly to keep the Z awake. On Dslr is like look and shoot, at mirrorless is like look -wait and shoot :) I hope that you dont have that kind of issue with R. Thanks for any feedback .
    Jay Henington 18:27 April 12, 2019 Reply
    Hi Gregor. I haven't had any issues with that on the R.
Alexei 06:54 April 2, 2019 Reply
Hi Jay! Thank you for your good review. I do weddings already 10 years and I always shoot with 2 dslr, Canon 40D, 7D, 7d II, 1D, 6d and 5d III. I just sell the 6d and the 5d iii(remain with 2 7D II for wildlife and sport) and I want to make an upgrade. I never use 2 cards, over 1 million photographs and never a problem with using 1 card, so that is just marketing. What I need? 1.wifi -very very important for the bride and guest when you can give the pics immediately. 2. tilt screen for special angles. I love to photograph from up and sadly 70% of the pictures are not good. 3. good for working with flashes - I use always 3-6 flashes Godox AD200 around the church or at the restaurant for special effects. Should I buy an 6D ii and wait for R II? Or should I but the Canon 5D iv and after 4 years to go with mirrorless camera? Hard decision :))
    Jay Henington 18:25 April 12, 2019 Reply
    Hey Alexei, if I were you, at this point I'd wait for the EOS R "Pro". But if you need it now, the R is plenty good. It's far superior to the 6D ii.