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Hi! We’re Jay and Larissa, Chicago wedding photographers, partners, parents, and adventurers. We grew up in Tampa, Florida where we met each other in 9th grade Spanish class. Jay was in love with Larissa immediately, but it took another 14 years for her to come around. In 2013 we got married and then 9 month later we had our first son, Aiden. Then 2.5 years later we had our second, Zachary. For us, family is everything. That’s one of the reasons we enjoy being wedding photographers, because we’re inspired by connection, family, and love. When we’re not taking pictures we have fun exploring our city, trying new restaurants, visiting museums, watching way too much Netflix, and traveling the world (btw, if you’re having a destination wedding somewhere amazing like Iceland, New Zealand, or Hawaii contact us for special pricing, seriously…). #icelandweddingphotographers 😉

We’re inspired by photographing our couples in creative ways. For us, every shoot is an opportunity to create something unlike anything you’ve seen before. Whimsical colors, beautiful light, unique compositions, and real emotions are the ingredients we use to create incredible photos.

Wedding photography doesn’t have to be kitschy! It is it’s own kind of creative art form where we can tell the hilarious, joyous, awkward, and crazy stories that happen on your wedding day. That’s why we love photographing weddings, because we love capturing stories and turning them into art. Wedding days are filled with every kind of emotion and tons of unexpected moments. That’s where our documentary experience comes in. We are constantly in search of what Henri Cartier-Bresson called “the decisive moment” — that moment where everything aligns to create a compelling photo. Those moments are rare but when they happen, it’s magic. In the end, that’s what we’re trying to do—collaborate with you to create images that inspire a sense of wonder, awe, and magic. Are you ready to collaborate?

A little more about Jay & Larissa

Chicago Wedding PhotographerJay is an extroverted introvert who loves to travel, try new restaurants, play ice hockey, and snuggle on the couch with Larissa watching Netflix. While he’s never skydived, he once did The Tilt at the John Hancock Center without flinching. He’s been taking photos since he was a little boy when his grandma used to give him all her old film cameras and took him to the Kodak store to develop the photos. He was also once a professor and did a grad degree at Yale before deciding that he wanted to be happy, so he followed his heart and become a professional photographer. He’s in love with Larissa, the girl of his dreams since 9th grade Spanish class, and loves being a dad more than anything. He photographs weddings, couples, and his kiddos.

Chicago Wedding PhotographerLarissa is a rebel at heart with a wanderlust for travel and adventure. She has skydived, worked on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, and lived in Australia. She loves Trader Joes, kale salads, and snuggling with Jay on the couch watching Netflix. More than anything though, she loves her little boys with all her heart. And 14 years after she met Jay in high school, she realized that Jay was the boy of her dreams. She photographs weddings, families, and boudoir for badass chicks.

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