Avoiding Wedding PTSD | New Haven Connecticut Wedding Photographer
Weddings can be stressful. The bride is trying to ensure that everyone will have a great time. The groom is trying to make sure his bride doesn't lose her mind, and the mother of the bride is just trying not to lose it thinking about her little girl getting married. This, however, is supposed to be a special day. This is the day that a young woman and man promise to devote themselves to each other forever before God and their family. Ultimately, your wedding is not about a party, it's about two people sharing their love with each other, their friends and family. While Jay and I love photographing wedding celebrations and every little detail t ...
Founders Inn Virginia Beach Wedding
Wedding Tip Wednesday | Connecticut Wedding Photographer
Jay and I see lots of weddings… Most are wonderful, but occasionally there is one that is less organized and so stressful for everyone involved, most importantly the bride. This always breaks my heart because most of the time all the drama could have been easily avoided with the simple use of a good run sheet. “What’s a run sheet?” you ask... The run sheet is a vital part of the event and absolutely necessary if you want a smooth and (relatively) stress-free wedding day.  It is a minute-by-minute agenda, listing every single activity from start to finish and its main purpose is to keep everyone on schedule and informed about what to do next. ...
Happy Trails | The Heningtons are Moving!
I’m sure that many of you already know the news, but the Heningtons are moving! We leave for New Haven, CT in 20 days where Jay will attend grad school at Yale University. We will both be working hard to re-launch Jay Henington Photography in our new home of Connecticut. So if you know of anyone in New England who is looking for a wedding photographer, let them know we are on our way! Leaving Virginia Beach is bittersweet for us as we keep reminiscing about all the memories we have made in the area. Jay has lived here for the past nine years, we’ve spent most of our time dating here, our first child was born just down the street and we hav ...