About Us

We’re Jay and Larissa, Chicago wedding photographers, parents, foodies, and adventurers.

We both grew up in Florida and we first met in 9th grade Spanish class. While Jay was instantly smitten, we were only friends until reconnecting 14 years later and  Larissa (finally) fell head over heels. We were married in May of 2013 and that same year we started Henington Photography, had a honeymoon baby (Aiden). The following year we moved to Connecticut so Jay could attend Yale. Today we love each other more than ever, have two wonderful little humans (Aiden and Zachary) and split our time between Chicago and Tampa (kinda not fair, we know!).

Together we love to just Netflix and chill (winter is coming!), trying new restaurants, and making memories together as a family. We believe that every moment in life matters—and we try to live each day to the fullest.

Individually Jay loves to read, buy new gadgets and religiously follows (and sometimes plays) hockey. He is also the creative vision behind Henington Photography and photographs every engagement shoot and wedding.

Larissa is the one who keeps the family and business going, i’s dotted and t’s crossed. In addition to shooting with Jay at many of our weddings, and shooting boudoir and family sessions, she is also the one who answers most of the emails and helps our couples with the details like timelines and lists.

Style & Approach

We want to break the status quo of what you’re used to with wedding photography. We want to surprise you, amaze you, and excite you! We want to capture every single moment of your day—the details, the emotions, and every moment in-between—so that you can re-live it all over again each time you look at your photos. We approach each wedding as something new to be discovered, and try to capture it’s distinctiveness in a beautiful, interesting and artistic way that portrays who you uniquely are as a couple. For us, each wedding is an adventure and we can’t wait to explore with you!